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Treatment for Neck and Disc Compression Issues in Millersville, MD

If you’re suffering with neck and disc compression pain, reach out to Effective Integrative Healthcare in Millersville, MD, for relief. We treat these issues with a full range of modern therapeutic techniques and work hard to provide relief for those who are experiencing issues of this kind. Our main goal is always to uncover what exactly is causing your pain, and work to correct it for you.

About neck and disc decompression

Neck or disc decompression are both nonsurgical procedures that our doctors use to treat neck pain, sciatica, weakness, tingling in the arms and legs, worn out spinal joints, and other related issues. When used as part of an overall therapy plan, these decompression techniques provide support and space for healing and pain relief. This is somewhat literal, as the compression of discs sometimes won’t allow room for the body’s healing fluids to go where they need to go to help improve the person’s condition.

If you have been experiencing pain from deteriorating discs, or from an injury to your body, decompression techniques can be useful in your rehabilitative process. It can be frustrating to keep trying physical therapy and not get any relief from the pain that often accompanies these conditions. We evaluate each person carefully to see if these procedures are going to be a safe and effective method of treatment, and we’ll make recommendations after we take a thorough medical history and examine you in person. Everyone’s needs are unique, and that is the foundation on which we build our treatment plans.

Decompression treatment

Decompression treatment for the neck and discs consists of using specialized equipment that helps create space in the area you are experiencing compression and pain. This type of therapeutic treatment can be done right here in our office in a safe, supervised environment, with a knowledgeable doctor at the helm. This is a “walk-in” type of treatment that you can have fully clothed, and it usually takes less than an hour from start to finish. The treatment is not invasive, and usually provides relief for the majority of patients from the neck or disc pain they are experiencing.

A combination approach

Over the years we have been practicing in the Millersville region, our staff has seen great results from neck and disc decompression treatments that have been administered here on site. Our team has also noticed that the best results are typically in tandem with healthy lifestyle support, such as a good eating, sleeping, and exercise plan. We’ll be happy to talk with you about any and all of the things you can do to fully support your health and healing, as well as how to manage pain and make lifestyle adjustments to accommodate your neck and disc issues. Please contact our office today to schedule time with our team to get started on a customized program designed just for you.

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