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Cervical Traction in Millersville and Crofton, MD

Effective Integrative Healthcare treats patients who need lumbar, thoracic, or cervical traction out of our offices in Crofton and Millersville, MD. Intersegmental traction is one of our many therapeutic services. It helps those who have experienced a spinal injury, as it decreases pressure on the injured areas and helps create space for body fluids to enter and healing to take place. It is an effective chiropractic therapy that induces passive motion into the spine for the purpose of making space between spinal joints and increasing mobility.

This type of treatment is frequently used by athletes and other active people as a way of “stretching” the body to help promote both healing and well-being. It can also be used to help combat the effects of aging on the spine due to the normal wear and tear that tends to happen over time. It can be utilized for pain relief and much more.

Benefits of intersegmental traction

Intersegmental traction helps to gently reestablish the normal range of motion of your spine. It also facilitates muscle relaxation, which can significantly reduce muscle spasms. Other benefits of using this type of treatment include:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased oxygen to spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles
  • Increased mobility

Treatments take place right here in our offices, so you can select the Millersville or Crofton location, depending on which is more convenient.

The traction process

So how does this type of traction work, and who is it best suited for? Actually, it’s a fairly simple process for the patient, who reclines on their back on a special table that is designed just for this purpose. The table is divided into more than one section, and it is adjusted by the doctor. The adjustments are based on the individual needs of the patient, and rollers below the surface will be changed to suit your pain level, tolerance, and weight to make things more comfortable. The table is also known as the “roller bed.”

The rollers help stretch the body to create a more decompressed state, bring pain relief, and encourage healing to take place. How long this treatment is employed is something your doctor will discuss with you at an evaluation. This form of intersegmental traction is most suitable for those who are facing injuries to the thoracic, lumbar, or cervical vertebrae.

Traction as therapy

We believe that traction is a great tool in terms of bringing relief to those suffering from various spinal issues, and we use it frequently in our practice as part of our therapeutic rehabilitative process. If you think this may be something you would like to explore as a form of healing, please contact us and make an appointment. We’ll be glad to help you evaluate whether or not it’s right for your needs.

Do you have any questions about this non-invasive form of treatment? We welcome any and all inquiries and are always delighted to explain any of our offerings in more detail.

Contact us for information about intersegmental traction!