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Pulsed Cold Laser Therapy for Noninvasive Treatment in Crofton and Millersville, MD

Lasers are becoming more popular in cosmetic and medical procedures because they are painless and have powerful healing properties. Unlike the hot energy light beams used for industrial and commercial applications, low-level laser therapy, sometimes called pulsed cold laser therapy, is used in the medical field to promote soft tissue healing.

The light from a laser therapy session penetrates through the top levels of skin into deeper tissue structures, working as a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment that can be just as effective as anti-inflammatory medications. This makes it effective for pain relief, increased blood flow and regulation, quicker wound healing, increased natural tissue regeneration, and reduced scarring. At Effective Integrative Healthcare, we’re trained to use laser therapy alone or in tandem with complementary treatments for effective symptom relief and long-term healing.

Pulsed cold laser therapy

What Can Pulsed Cold Laser Therapy Be Used for in Medical Treatment?

For medical purposes, laser light therapy is mainly used to treat a variety of symptoms related to pain and inflammation. To reach tissue and muscles below the skin, our team uses wavelengths between 780 and 950 nanometers.

Patients with sports injuries—including tennis elbow, muscle sprains and strains, tendinitis or bursitis, knee and joint pain, and general neck and back pain or tension—are typically good candidates for laser light therapy. Other good candidates for laser light therapy include patients with acute injuries from accidents, osteoarthritis, and chronic knee or ankle pain.

If you are highly sensitive to or nervous about a treatment like Acupuncture or Dry Needling for pain relief, laser light therapy could be an alternative, less-invasive option with similar results. The low-level light pulses can stimulate your pain or trigger points the same way needles do, but without piercing the skin.

Pulsed Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Session at Effective Integrative Healthcare

To use laser therapy, different wavelengths of low-level light are applied directly to the skin and the targeted areas so the body tissue can store the energy from the light waves. Damaged cells in the skin and tissue respond to red and infrared light by regenerating faster. At these wavelengths, laser therapy is painless and noninvasive. There is no sound, vibration, or heat to make you uncomfortable, and after a few minutes of treatment, you will be able to return to your daily activities with no recovery time. To enjoy the full effects of laser therapy, you’ll probably need more than one treatment session in our office, as determined by our team in consultation with you.

Meet Our Therapy Team for a Customized Plan

To find out which of our treatments are right for you, call Effective Integrative Healthcare in Millersville or Crofton to schedule a free initial consultation. We’ll evaluate your needs and health across all our chiropractic, physical therapy, and functional medicine services to create a mix of therapy for the fastest and most effective results possible.

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