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Addressing the Underlying Causes of Health Issues

At Effective Integrative Healthcare in Millersville, MD, we believe better healthcare can be life-changing. We take a transformative approach to helping our patients heal by incorporating functional medicine principles. With the patient-centered approach of functional medicine that targets the root causes of illnesses and injuries, our patients can enjoy better health and better quality of life.

What Is Functional Medicine?

All too often, medical care focuses on treating the symptoms, rather than the problem itself. Functional medicine is different. It strives to identify the underlying factors that have led to the patient’s symptoms. By healing or mitigating those underlying causes, a functional medicine physician can effectively resolve the patient’s symptoms, rather than merely masking those symptoms.

As you might expect, functional medicine practitioners spend a great deal of time on diagnostics. They explore patient health histories at length, taking the time to carefully consider how each piece fits into the overall puzzle. A functional medicine physician will also examine how the patient may be influenced by interactions with environmental, lifestyle, and genetic factors. Diagnostic testing may be recommended. Then, with the patient’s collaboration, the practitioner will design a fully customized treatment plan intended to restore total body wellness.

Benefits of Seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner

When modern patients get injured or fall ill, they are accustomed to talking to a physician or nurse for perhaps five to 10 minutes before being handed a prescription and sent on their way. Functional medicine is quite different. When you visit a functional medicine physician at EIH in Millersville, you will take a deep dive into your health history, symptoms, and concerns, and you will become an active participant in your own healthcare. Some of the primary benefits of functional medicine include the following:

  • Personalized Care – Because there is a strong focus on comprehensive and accurate diagnostics, functional medicine has the capacity to be completely customized to suit your unique body.
  • Patient-Provider Collaboration – A functional medicine practitioner emphasizes the patient-provider relationship. From the time that you schedule your first appointment, your provider will take the time to get to know you as a person. All of your questions will be fully answered and all of your concerns will be thoroughly addressed. Your provider will empower you to make informed decisions for your wellness.
  • Complex Conditions – Highly complex, chronic conditions are often tricky to treat with a conventional healthcare approach. These include fibromyalgia, gut disorders, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain, just to name a few. Functional medicine providers are uniquely trained to tackle these complex issues.
  • Preventive Mindset – Many people wait to visit a doctor until they become sick or injured. Yet, they may still be plagued by a general feeling of illness, even if they can’t pinpoint specific symptoms. Patients can proactively visit a functional medicine practitioner to support their overall wellness and improve how they feel on a day-to-day basis.
  • Gentle Approach – It’s unfortunate, but true that many medical treatments, particularly pharmaceuticals, can lead to unwanted side effects. A functional medicine physician prefers to use the gentlest approach possible to help patients avoid or minimize possible side effects.

A Functional Medicine Physician’s Treatments

At EIH, our providers select the right blend of treatments based on each patient’s unique needs. Some of the treatment modalities we may recommend for you could include the following:

  • Medical Pain Relief – Often, the first course of treatment is to relieve pain, which then allows patients to begin correcting the underlying problem.
  • Trigger Point Injections – Trigger points are a common cause of chronic pain. We use a plant-based anti-inflammatory drug, Sarapin, in our trigger point injections to provide rapid relief of pain.
  • Gel Knee Injections – These injections are particularly well-suited to patients with chronic knee pain, such as that caused by arthritis.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy – Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets may be right for you if you’re experiencing problems related to hormonal deficiencies.
  • Medical Weight Loss – Obesity is a chronic health condition that often leads to related complications. Our supportive medical weight loss programs can help you reach your health goals.
  • Vitamin Shots – Vitamin shots are ideal for people who have trouble absorbing enough of the nutrients they need through their diets.
  • hCG Weight Loss – Our functional medicine physician may sometimes recommend an hCG regimen to aid with weight loss.
  • Nutritional IV Therapy – Nutritional IV therapy will restore the proper balance of nutrients to your body, enabling you to enjoy optimum function.

Why Choose EIH for Functional Medicine?

When you partner with EIH for your healthcare needs, you can look forward to receiving an array of effective services all under one roof. With cutting-edge medical technology and the latest techniques, our providers are able to develop fully customized treatment plans that take into consideration your unique health history, symptoms, and goals. Our functional medicine practitioner works collaboratively with patients, empowering them to become active participants in their own healthcare.

Visit Our Functional Medicine Practitioner

EIH is committed to improving the health of our neighbors in Lanham, and Millersville, MD. We are pleased to offer functional medicine diagnostics and therapeutics so that our patients can enjoy life without pain or dysfunctions. Visit one of our conveniently located offices today for a free, confidential consultation with one of our functional medicine providers. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your health goals.

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