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Effective Integrative Healthcare Offers Pediatric Care

Effective Integrative Healthcare provides safe and effective pediatric chiropractic care for patients throughout Maryland. Adults have long been taking advantage of the myriad benefits of chiropractic care, but the discipline is not as common among children. However, it has been proven to benefit the nervous system, muscles, and joints in young people. Our team of chiropractic specialists is trained to provide safe, gentle pediatric chiropractic care to children of all ages and with varying levels of mobility and overall health. By beginning your child on a chiropractic care regimen at an early age, you are establishing a routine that will help ensure a lifetime of health and wellbeing. Call us today to learn more about the chiropractic techniques that will be best for your child.

Chiropractic Care Is Safe and Effective for Children

A study from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners revealed that roughly one in every six chiropractic patients in the U.S. is under the age of 18, with many of those being children aged five years or younger. Many of the benefits that adults glean from chiropractic care are transferrable to young people. The team of professionals at Effective Integrative Healthcare is adept at varying its approach to meet the needs and comfort levels of children. We offer gentle treatments to ensure each patient receives the benefits of effective chiropractic care without placing undue stress on growing joints or bones. We recognize the delicate nature of treating young persons, but we also know the body produces more neural pathways in the first five years of life than at any other time. By optimizing chiropractic care during this timeframe, we can lay a foundation for prolonged health.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care has a host of potential benefits for children. Inevitably, kids will suffer injuries from time to time throughout their childhood. Each bump, bruise, or minor trauma may lead to pain or discomfort as well as health issues that can persist during the teenage and adult years. But pediatric chiropractic care at Effective Integrative Healthcare can help mitigate these problems and improve overall wellness. Additional benefits of pediatric chiropractic care include:

  • Improved sleep – Tension in a child’s body can cause sleeping problems, which can make it difficult for him or her to function in school or throughout the day. Chiropractic care adjusts and manipulates the body to release stress, ultimately improving sleep.
  • Behavioral improvement – With reduced stress and discomfort, children tend to behave better. Their moods and overall outlook improve.
  • Immune system support – Pediatric chiropractic care can target specific areas related to a child’s digestive system that are affecting his or her health. It is effective for improving immune system function when children have colds, allergies, digestive problems, or infections.
  • Brain development – Our team of specialists can release pressure on a child’s bones and joints that are affecting neural brain development. Proper manipulation can improve focus and reduce hyperactivity.
  • Nervous system support – We can improve the functionality of a child’s nervous system through adjustments that ensure the spine grows correctly. We can also manipulate other misaligned nerves that may affect the respiratory system, among others.

Pediatric Integrative Pain Treatments

Many of our chiropractic treatment options work wonders for children. Before determining a proper treatment plan, we will meet with your child to assess his or her spine and current mobility, among other factors. After an evaluation, we will outline a pediatric integrative pain treatment plan that may include:

  • Chiropractic Care – The most common alternative pain management treatment is chiropractic care, which is excellent to relieve pain from injuries.
  • Physical Therapy – We can provide physical therapy services to heal a variety of ailments, improve balance and range of motion, and strengthen the spine.
  • Massage Therapy – Typically reserved for older children and teenagers, massage therapy improves blood flow, increases flexibility, and strengthens the immune system.

Contact Effective Integrative Healthcare for Pediatric Care

If you recognize the benefits of a chiropractic care routine as an adult, it makes sense to extend the same opportunity to your children. By beginning a chiropractic care regimen early, young people have a health and wellness foundation that will last well into their adult years. Effective Integrative Healthcare has specialists who can expertly deliver pediatric chiropractic to your son or daughter. We promote the four phases of care, ensuring both short- and long-term benefits. When you are ready for your child to begin a chiropractic care routine, call us to schedule a free consultation. We will use this evaluation to create a unique treatment plan that best suits your child’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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