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Orthovisc Injections at Effective Integrative Healthcare

Many of Effective Integrative Healthcare’s patients suffer from knee pain, and they visit us for treatment and relief at all ages. Younger patients may have knee pain because they were involved in intensive sports training and competition or an auto accident. Older patients may have issues like osteoarthritis causing pain in their knees. Our team of healthcare professionals uses various pain management and physical therapy techniques to treat our patients’ knee pain in locations like Millersville, MD. Gel knee injections are a form of targeted knee therapy we use, and it’s a popular option providing quick, lasting results. Patients have many types of injection fluids available to ease their inflammation and lubricate their painful joints, but our office prefers to give patients gel knee injections based on our medical training and experience in the best treatment options.

What Are Gel Knee Injections?

If you are unfamiliar with gel knee injections and how they apply to knee pain relief, Effective Integrative Healthcare can explain this treatment option. Gel knee injections are simple injections consisting of refined sodium hyaluronate to relieve pain in patients with osteoarthritis in their knees. Sodium hyaluronate is a natural material you can trace to cartilage and synovial fluid found in your joint. Medical professionals worldwide have used knee injections for knee pain for over 20 years as a series of injections without the negative side effects associated with corticosteroids. The exact injection amounts and number of injections vary by patient. We administer the gel through a quick injection without needing invasive treatments like surgery or causing potential side effects connected to ongoing drug use. Patients get extra shock absorption and joint lubrication from the injected liquid, alleviating their knee pain and letting them heal and recover.

Who Can Receive a Gel Injection for Knee Pain?

Effective Integrative Healthcare recommends gel knee injections to patients fitting specific medical conditions and other essential details. Patients with osteoarthritis (OA) in their knees suffer from joint inflammation and may benefit from gel injections. While there is no single known cause for OA, it often becomes more severe because of factors like injury, obesity, genetic history, aging, and repetitive action or overuse from work or sports. People with osteoarthritis in their knees are typically good candidates for injections when seeking an alternative to knee surgery. Qualified patients have moderate to severe knee pain without significant alignment or mechanical issues. If these issues are present, only knee surgery will correct them. In a short time, patients receiving knee gel injections may return to their regular routines free of osteoarthritic pain without needing painful or invasive procedures.

Benefits of Gel Knee Injections

Patients receiving gel knee injections for their osteoarthritis can expect significant relief from knee pain for an extended period. Follow-up injections may be necessary over time, but the absence of side effects associated with corticosteroids and freedom from surgery’s complications and recovery time make it an excellent alternative treatment. Effective Integrative Healthcare proudly offers gel injections for knee pain because of the many benefits this treatment option provides to patients, including the following:

  • Pain Alleviation
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Returning to Normal Activity Levels With Restored Comfort

How Do Gel Injections Work & How Long Do They Last?

These injections provide better lubrication and shock absorption in knees with OA, letting patients recover and enjoy daily activities without knee pain. While gel knee injections have a high efficacy rate in patients with osteoarthritis, not everyone will get the same results from treatment. Some patients may not notice an improvement for several weeks and report pain relief. The length of time gel injections’ effects last varies by patient. If your knee injection is effective, you can repeat the treatment after a certain time, typically six months. You may experience relief from your OA pain, but these injections have never been shown to re-grow cartilage or reverse the arthritic process.

When to Expect When Getting Gel Knee Injections

If Effective Integrative Healthcare determines you are a good candidate and approves you for gel knee injections, we will administer one to five injections over several weeks. We may remove excess fluids from your knee before injecting the sodium hyaluronate if you have swelling during the procedure. You should avoid heavy lifting, jogging, and other excessive activity for the first 48 hours following your injection. Side effects may include local reactions like warmth, pain, or slight swelling, but these symptoms typically don’t last long. You can apply an ice pack to help relieve them. Rare complications include bleeding, infection, and a local allergy-like reaction that may fill the knee with fluid and feel red, warm, and painful. You should contact your doctor if this occurs immediately.

Why Choose Effective Integrative Healthcare for Treatment

Effective Integrative Health care has ample experience treating patients with a broad range of conditions, including those causing chronic pain and affecting a patient’s ability to lead a normal life. Our treatment options for conditions like osteoarthritis address your symptoms to restore your quality of life. We create custom treatment plans aiming for long-term solutions to your comfort and mobility. With gel knee injections, our health care professionals can help you avoid surgery while attaining long-term relief from osteoarthritis in your knee. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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