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Effective Integrative Healthcare Treats Pinched Nerves

Individuals who suffer from pinched nerves seek relief from the professionals at Effective Integrative Healthcare. With several convenient locations throughout Maryland, we can utilize safe, effective treatments to ease patients’ discomfort and improve mobility. Pinched nerves can cause several unwelcome symptoms, including numbness, sharp pain, tingling sensations, weakness, and more. We will use proven techniques including chiropractic care and massage therapy to deliver short- and long-term results. Our experts are committed to providing each of the four phases of care, delivering well-rounded, complete treatments. No two patients are the same, so we create individualized treatment plans for everyone who walks through our door. If you or a loved one needs pinched nerve relief, call us today to get started.

Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

A network of nerves extends from your brain and spinal cord throughout your body, exchanging important sensory information. A compressed or pinched nerve’s signals are painful. These warning signs indicate damage that can range in severity and prognosis. Pinched nerves occur when surrounding tissues apply an abundance of pressure to them. This compression may happen because of an injury, arthritis, repetition, obesity, or a host of other factors. It is best to seek medical care at the first sign of a pinched nerve. Early treatment can help ensure there is no permanent damage. By relieving the pressure, our medical staff can restore a patient’s nerve function and help him or her to avoid chronic pain or permanent damage. Women and overweight individuals are most prone to suffering a pinched nerve.

Pinched Nerve Relief at Effective Integrative Healthcare

The team of experts at Effective Integrative Healthcare can relieve the pressure of a pinched nerve while simultaneously restoring nerve function using a variety of treatment options. We use proven techniques to restore normal sensations, strengthen the affected area, and reduce discomfort for patients throughout Maryland. Our specialties include:

  • Chiropractic Care – We can provide pinched nerve relief using the most popular alternative treatment for pain management. Our team uses professional equipment to deliver exceptional chiropractic care. This technique can also improve overall wellbeing and alleviate other minor pressures throughout a patient’s nervous system.
  • Physical Therapy – Patients who cannot tolerate the pain of a pinched nerve find relief in physical therapy, which trains their bodies to move more effectively and comfortably. Our professionals help patients increase mobility and flexibility and improve balance and strength.
  • Acupuncture – This Chinese technique dating back more than 3,000 years works by stimulating healing and relaxation. It can also improve blood circulation to promote overall wellbeing. Patients at Effective Integrative Healthcare notice this treatment is most effective when our medical team combines it with chiropractic care or physical therapy.
  • Massage Therapy – To relieve minor pressure on a pinched nerve, the therapists at Effective Integrative Healthcare can manipulate the affected area with massage therapy. This offers pinched nerve relief and can also increase joint mobility.
  • Trigger Point Injections – When muscles tighten without returning to their normal state, they create trigger points. By targeting these areas with an anti-inflammatory drug, we can provide long-term pain relief.

Contact Effective Integrative Healthcare for Pinched Nerve Relief

Pinched nerves can cause pain or discomfort in any area of one’s body. Nerves are most vulnerable in areas where they must travel through narrow spaces with little protective tissue surrounding them, such as near ligaments, tendons, and bones. As a result, the pain from a pinched nerve can be debilitating or significantly impact critical functions. Furthermore, because of the complex connectivity of one’s nervous system, pinched nerves can affect multiple areas. For example, a pinched nerve in the neck can also cause pain, weakness, or tingling in the elbows, hands, wrists, or fingers. Such issues can ultimately cause more serious conditions such as peripheral neuropathy. But early treatment for pinched nerves can ensure there are few to no long-term effects.

Effective Integrative Healthcare has offices throughout Maryland that focus on each of the four phases of care – relief, corrective, strengthening, and wellness. We will use effective chiropractic techniques to reduce nerve irritation, compression, and pain; heal the nerve root and reposition surrounding joints to reduce the chances of a recurrence; strengthen the affected areas, and help ensure long-term sustainability. If you suspect you or a loved one may have a pinched nerve, contact us today. We will provide a free consultation to evaluate your condition and propose a unique treatment plan for pinched nerve relief.

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