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Tips for a healthy spine by Effective Integrative Healthcare

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  1. The past 10 years of my life I am in constant pain; lower back, neck, shoulder and I always have headache. I’ve been to my eye doctor, an EENT, have my regular annual PE- all results are within normal range. But the question remain, why am I still in pain? One day, as I was browsing on my FB account, your Ad suddenly pops out! as if reading my thoughts! So I called the number, had an appointment and a year after, I felt better, I now have knowledge of how my spine works and how it affects my whole being. Thanks to Dr. Ardin who is so knowledgeable about the care. Before, I was so skeptic about chiropractic, truly knowledge is powerful. Dr. Jacob and Dr. Anthony thanks to you all as well as to all the beautiful and engaging staff of Effective Integrative Healthcare. You do live up to your name. Kudos!

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