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Chiropractic is known for treating musculoskeletal ailments such as backaches and whiplash. But did you know your chiropractor can also help lower stress? Since high stress is a catalyst for depression, anxiety, headaches, back pain, and various other ailments, your overall health depends on keeping your stress levels low. Here’s how chiropractic care can help.

Reduce Muscle Tension

Stress creates a vicious cycle within your body. First, you encounter a stressful life event. In response, your muscles tense up. After a few days or weeks of this, your posture starts to suffer, you lose sleep, and your ability to focus becomes impaired—all because of stress-induced muscle tightness.

A chiropractor can release the tension in your neck, back, and elsewhere to help your muscles loosen up. When your body resumes its natural, relaxed state, you find it easier to sleep and think clearly. As a result, you’re able to handle stressful events more effectively.

Restore Optimal Bodily Functions

Your spine is the key to everything your body does, from breathing and digesting to sleeping and running. If you carry stress in your back as many people do, the tension here can impair the neurological signals your brain sends down your spinal cord.

Visiting a chiropractor can realign your spine and correct damage caused by stress. As a result, you may find yourself getting sick less often, having higher energy levels, and feeling more positive. All of these improvements can lower your stress.

Promote Improved Posture

Have you ever considered how poor posture can cause stress? When you hunch over or arch your back when you walk, you put added stress on your spine, which can cause pain and make it difficult to relax.

Your chiropractor can teach you posture exercises and relaxation techniques to restore your body to a more natural state. Improved posture keeps your back healthy and injury-free, ensuring you get enough sleep to feel energized and able to tackle the stressful day ahead.

Provide Nutritional Counseling

Stress eating is a common problem many people struggle to get under control. You may feel temporary relief when you eat a big bowl of ice cream when you’re stressed, but the empty calories only put more stress on your tired body. Plus, carrying excess weight strains your spine and joints for more trouble with your health.

Chiropractors are educated to do more than just adjust your spine. With an integrative approach to healthcare, you can receive nutritional counseling alongside spinal adjustments. Eating better and ensuring your body gets the proper nutrients is an effective form of natural stress relief.

The chiropractors at Effective Integrative Healthcare have the skills and experience needed to help you live a low-stress, pain-free lifestyle. We implement numerous methodologies and devise an individualized treatment plan to address your specific problems. Contact us today to learn more about adding chiropractic care to your stress-reduction regimen. We have locations in Crofton, Millersville, and Lanham, MD.