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Doctor giving massage for shoulder pain

If you make an effort to hit the gym every week, you want to get the most out of your time there. The same goes for chiropractor visits. If you arrive feeling flustered or disengaged, the experience won’t be as worthwhile as it could be. Maximize the time with your chiropractor by following these tips.

Be Consistent

Daily activities create patterns of wear and tear that your body has no choice but to deal with day in and day out. If you think of your body as a machine, then a chiropractic adjustment is like a tune-up. It mitigates the daily stress you put on your spine and nervous system, fostering optimal functionality, reducing wear and tear, and helping you feel your best.

If you don’t receive spinal adjustments with some regularity, your “machine” will continue wearing out. It’s the same as getting an oil change in your car—you can’t do it once and expect the effects to last for years. Making consistent visits to the chiropractor is the key to experiencing the results you’re looking for.


Tense muscles are less responsive to spinal manipulation than relaxed ones. So, when you arrive at the chiropractor’s office, focus on letting go of your stress and anxiety. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to calm your body and mind. By the time you get situated on the treatment table, all tension should subside so your body can respond as intended.

Spinal adjustments have two primary purposes—to stimulate the proprioceptors in your joints and to restore your range of motion. Relaxed muscles are less resistant to these changes, maximizing the impact of your treatment.

Being relaxed during your chiropractor visit also allows you to be present in the moment and fully enjoy the therapeutic effects of the adjustment. This alone can be deeply healing.

Engage with Your Chiropractor

Medical professionals want you to live your best life, free of pain, discomfort, and stress. But optimal health is a journey, an endeavor of trial and error until you find what works best for you.

Be an active participant in your health by talking with your chiropractor during each visit. Ask questions, clarify the purpose of different techniques, and find out what you can do at home to prolong the benefits of each adjustment.

Then, truly listen to the chiropractor’s responses and implement the advice you receive. After all, if you continue the same patterns and behaviors that haven’t served you well so far, you will never create new results, no matter how often you receive adjustments.

Visit with Our Chiropractor Today

The chiropractor at Effective Integrative Healthcare uses several advanced methodologies to not only address the symptoms of your pain or restricted movement, but also to tackle the root cause of the problem. Our services are known to alleviate pressure on the nervous system and restore mobility to improve overall health and wellness.

To schedule a chiropractor visit in Millersville, Crofton, or Lanham, MD, please contact Effective Integrative Healthcare today.