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Young woman doing a yoga pose

Yoga is one of the most effective tools for overall health and wellness. It may not be suitable or even possible to do yoga if you have severe back pain, but it’s useful for treating occasional soreness or chronic achiness.

You don’t have to be a fitness pro to benefit from yoga, but you should take these stretches seriously. Overstretching or using improper form could result in injury, so talk to your doctor or a yoga instructor for tips if you have no prior experience. When you’re ready to give them a try, here are the best beginner yoga poses to reduce low back pain.

Child’s Pose

Start by kneeling on all fours, aligning your hands with your shoulders and your knees with your hips. Sit back on your heels, keeping your hands in the same spot. Lower your forehead to the floor and breathe in. Hold for a few seconds. Then, gently swing your arms to your sides, palms facing up. Hold until you feel fully relaxed.

Cat Pose

Kneel on all fours with a straight back and neutral spine. As you inhale, tilt your head back and raise your tailbone so your spine compresses slightly. Now exhale and pull your chin to your chest, arch your back, and relax your buttocks. Hold for a few seconds. Return to a flat back position and repeat five or six times.

Seated Spinal Twist

Sit in a cross-legged position. Reach your right hand to your left knee and place your left hand on the floor behind you. Gently twist into the stretch, but don’t strain your back. Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach with your legs close together, feet and heels lightly touching. Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders. While breathing in, lift your head, chest, and abs, keeping your pelvis on the floor. Hold for a few breaths while you feel the stretch along your spine.

Thread the Needle

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Rest your right ankle on your left thigh just above the knee, keeping your right foot flexed. Grab the back of your left thigh with both hands, threading your fingers together. Then, pull in toward your chest until you feel a stretch in your hip and low back. Hold for a minute or longer, and then repeat on the other side.

Triangle Pose

Stand with your feet three to four feet apart and your right foot turned out at a 90-degree angle. Reach your right hand down toward your right ankle, being sure to keep your legs straight. At the same time, extend your left arm up to the ceiling and turn your head so you’re looking at your left hand. Hold for five to 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Complement your yoga stretches with chiropractic adjustments from Effective Integrative Healthcare. Contact our office in Millersville, Crofton, or Lanham, MD to schedule your appointment today.