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Painless old man with their grand children's

If you live with chronic muscle or joint pain, doctors have probably repeatedly recommended exercise as a pain management technique. After all, not only can the movement help improve circulation, build muscle, and widen your range of motion, but losing just a few pounds can also reduce the strain on your joints.

The only problem is you’re in pain, so it’s difficult to work out. The trick is to find less strenuous, low-impact exercises you can incorporate into your daily life. Here are eight exercises to help you lose weight with chronic pain.

  1. Walking: Whether you take a stroll around the block or circle the shopping mall, walking just 30 minutes a day can go a long way to help your pain. If you can’t walk for 30 minutes straight, do three 10-minute walks to get the same amount of exercise without it feeling as long.
  2. Yoga: If you’re wondering how to lose weight with chronic pain, try yoga. Look up easy to moderate poses and tackle them at your own pace. Not only does yoga improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles, but it also relaxes your mind, a key aspect of managing chronic pain.
  3. Light weightlifting: Bicep curls or shoulder raises with one-pound dumbbells can be enough to begin building muscle. As you become more comfortable and aware of your capabilities, feel free to gradually increase the poundage.
  4. Incline pushups: For a low-intensity upper body workout, try doing pushups with your hands resting on the wall or back of the couch. Adjust your angle to work out the exact muscles you want.
    Assisted bodyweight squats: If traditional squats hurt your knees, try holding onto a railing as you lower into a seated position. Then, use your grip on the bar to help you stand back up.
  5. Water aerobics: A swimming pool is an ideal environment for low-impact exercises. The added buoyancy feels good on your arthritic joints, while the water provides enough resistance to make it a workout. You might simply walk around in waist-deep water or join a formal water aerobics class.
  6. Elliptical machine: This innovative exercise equipment allows you to get the same cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits of running without straining your knees and hips.
  7. Stationary recumbent exercise bike: If you prefer sitting, try riding a stationary recumbent exercise bike. The reclined posture is more comfortable than a traditional bike, and it helps you work up a sweat without hurting your joints.

If even low-impact exercises are too strenuous, you may need more help losing weight with chronic pain. That’s where Effective Integrative Healthcare comes in. We offer chiropractic care and other noninvasive, drug-free services to help relieve chronic pain. We also provide a medical weight loss program geared toward your specific needs. Working with one team for your pain relief and weight loss needs makes you more likely to see positive results. To get started, please schedule a free consultation at our Crofton or Millersville, MD, location today.