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Crofton’s Trusted Back Adjustment Professionals

Take Advantage of Our Chiropractic Back Adjustment

Your spine is critical to your overall health, and a back adjustment might be just what you need if you’ve been feeling aches and pains. Whether you live in Millersville or Crofton, MD, the chiropractic team at Effective Integrative Healthcare is dedicated to helping you relieve pain and ensure your spine is positioned correctly. The back adjustments we offer provide multiple health benefits, including improving your overall body health, decreasing pain, and improving performance and quality of life. To learn more or discover the benefits for yourself, give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Signs You Need a Back Adjustment

Unfortunately, most individuals with lower back pain accept that they need chiropractic treatment, and scheduling the first appointment is difficult. Either they live with the pain or try other treatment avenues. We’ve created a list of signs that help identify when it’s time to visit our office and get help through our lower back adjustments. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the signs or symptoms listed below, be sure to give us a call so you can find relief. Here are signs to look for when you’re in need of a lower back adjustment:

  • Chronic Aches and Pains – Pain or injury to your spine or other areas are signs you need a chiropractic back adjustment. If the pain is due to an alignment issue, your body’s constant movement could worsen the pain. When you see our professional team, they’ll perform a complete evaluation to help identify if your spine is out of alignment.
  • Sharp or Sudden Pains – Sudden and sharp pains in your spine can derail your entire week. When you get sharp pains, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Undergoing a chiropractic back adjustment can help balance your body by moving your spinal column into the correct position, which can help fix those pains.
  • Improved Athletic Performance – If you lead an active lifestyle, you constantly rely on your body to function on time, especially during high-performance levels. Routine back adjustments can be helpful if you’re worried or starting to notice that your performance isn’t as it once was. A functional body leads to success in your active lifestyle.
  • 48-Hour Rule – As beneficial lower back adjustments are, not every adjustment has to happen immediately. One of the best rules to follow is the 48-hour rule. It’s recommended to track your progress and the effects of your 48 hours, and if the injury or pain persists longer than the timeline, it should be assessed by a professional.
  • Preventative Care – You don’t have to have pain or an injury to get a lower back adjustment. Chiropractic care is defined as preventative treatments. Our goal is to take measures to ensure issues don’t occur, or if they do appear, to lessen the impact and provide a pathway for an effective and safe recovery.

Experience the Benefits of Lower Back Adjustments

Effective Integrative Healthcare strives to be your partner in healthy living. This includes taking advantage of our lower back adjustments. As you can see, there are a variety of symptoms that could benefit from routine chiropractic back adjustments. When we provide these services, we want to change how you live your life after solving chronic and nagging issues. We want to provide you with health solutions tailored to your needs regardless of what they are. To schedule your lower back adjustment, give us a call. Our team looks forward to helping you live a pain-free life.